Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lush Haul!

This Christmas, I completely overdosed in a delightful, little, sweet smelling store that delights all of your senses and brings an overwhelming feel of power and femininity to your life as soon as you leave the shop heavily laden with items galore. 

I went to Lush!

Go hard or go home i told myself.. so I did. I went very hard indeed.
I ransacked the entire Christmas selection of bath and beauty products leaving very little behind in my path of bank balance destruction. Some where presents... most were self indulgent. I cant be to blame though, I mean.. have you ever been in there?! 

I love reading and watching other peoples lush purchases, I hope you do too! I know this is the stereo typical 'girl blogger' post that so many have done before and millions will do in the future, however i'm so pleased and excited with my products, i'm going to share them anyway! 

Most of these products were bought in the '50% off' boxing day sales as I'm not rolling in cash and i'm very reluctant to pay full price for anything! However, a few were bought full price before Christmas as presents and some more i received as Christmas presents.

The first things i bought were before Christmas as presents for my mum, i don't know about you, but i think parents are the hardest people to buy for! My dad? He settles for chocolate 9 times out of 10 as it's not practical for me to buy him the canoe of his dreams, so..  a toblerone it is! If you're not from the UK, i'll put a link here.. Incase you're wondering what I'm chatting on about. As far as i'm aware, toblerones are the go to presents for fathers, nearly all of my friends purchased the golden triangular mountain range of  chocolate for their dads this year, I'm not the only one!

For my mum however, it's not so straight forward. Lush makes it so much easier to please her Christmas day! No longer do I have to listen for hints months in advance! I'm always certain to find something she likes there.

I bought her 4 bath bombs and a soap.
The bath bombs I bought were:

-So White

This is the best scented bath bomb lush do, in my opinion anyway! It's so so fresh and clean smelling. I think it smells like freshly cut apples, that's probably why it's a pun on Snow White? Maybe? I don't know, I don't really mind! I'm just glad they brought it out because it is absolutely lovely.

-Dragons Egg 

The citrusy scent of this bath bomb and the hints of colour are the first thing that made me want to buy this bath bomb. Curiousity got the better of me and I bought it! I can't wait to see what colours this turns the bath! Me and my mum both got one of these for Christmas. My boyfriend bought one for me and I'm glad he did! This one is high up on my most anticipated bath. Exciting!!!

-Shoot for the stars 

I've seen pictures of how this bath bomb looks in the bath and let me tell you this.. If you've ever looked into space and wondered what it looks like so far up in the sky, drop this in your bath and it'll give you a rough idea. I'll definitely be treating myself to this for Christmas next year!

-Luxury Lush pud

This is another one I'm incredibly jealous of.. I think I bought her what I wanted to receive instead! It smells delicious and I can only imagine the rainbow it's going to turn the bath into! Definitely on my list for next year.

I also bought the 'baked Alaska' soap. 
My mum is a lover of all things lemon, so the citrusy scent and bright colours of this soap are a perfect match to her. 

The next few items, I bought in the half price Boxing Day sale. I'm a huge believer that if you don't need to pay full price... 
I'd wanted so many of these products in the run up to Christmas but I'm so glad I waited! All of the Christmas stock was on sale at half price, which on the whole can save quite a lot of money! 

Here's what I bought-

-Magic fairy wand

This smells amazing! So I bought two! It lasts for around 6 baths which is great for a lush product. You think it'll violently fizz up really quickly until there's nothing left, however quite the opposite happens. I wasn't even sure if it was working at first.. Until the bubbles appeared!! It's a little difficult to dry off though as it drips quite a bit and when I put it back into my lush bucket, the water dropping off it started reacting with the other bathbombs (probably not my greatest idea).. However it makes your skin really soft and sweet smelling. I'm not a fan of sweet scented things, I'm more of a fruity girl, but the snow fairy scent really mellows in the bath and is actually really nice! I'm glad I bought 2!
-Northern lights 

This bath bomb sends your bath into a beautiful purple/pink spa! It smells lovely too, I'm not sure what the actual scent is, possibly lavender? I'm not sure. I recently used this in the bath and to be completely honest, I expected a little more. It was slow to react and didn't really feel all that great, kind of slimy. I also resembled some sort of shrimp when I got out of the bath. It's definitely a very strong pink colour. It was alright on the grand scale of things but I won't be buying again.

-Star light star bright

This may just be the messiest bath melt in the history of bath products!! It's gorgeous, but avoid touching at all costs unless you wish to resemble a martian for the rest of forever! I'm weary about using this as I really don't want to emerge from the bath looking like Edward Cullen after being exposed to sub Saharan sunlight. I will have to wait and see the after affect before I fully decide whether I'm a fan.

- Fizzbanger
i LOVE this bath bomb. The water turns a bright green, almost radioactive looking colour and smells amazing. The citrus theme continues with this bath bomb, so fresh and invigorating. Definitely a favourite.

-Santa baby lip tint 

I've been wanting to try this out for a while now. I'm not a lover of lipstick, too much hassle. I'd rather be able to eat without smearing lipstick everywhere (if you think you're a messy eater... You know nothing). This lip tint is perfect for me. It gives my lips a lovely soft Scarlett red colour and tastes pretty good too! The fact that all the ingredients are natural is a bonus as if it does come off into my mouth, and I just so happen to swallow it, it won't do me any harm. That's incredible unlikely to happen though, as it literally does what it says on the tin. The finest amount colours your lips for the entire day. The only downfall with it is that if you apply it with your finger, it stains that too, so I've resorted to a rather unflattering method of near on kissing the tin (trying to apply like a lip balm) and that works just fine for me. I'm in love! 

Lip scrub 

This pairs perfectly with the lip tint. Apply the lip scrub, rub it in, lick it off. Could lip care get any better? I don't think so! It tastes like cola which is really nice, however it has these little rice paper hearts which are a bit off putting. All in all it is a very good product!

That brings us onto the Christmas presents! As mentioned before, I received the dragons egg bath bomb for Christmas. Besides that, here's what else I got:

- Rudolph gift set 

This is the cutest lush set there is!! 
The fabric wrap is made using 2 recycled plastic bottles (probably other things too). I'm not sure what else it can be used for besides wrapping the box though. I think it's a scarf, it's a little bit small though so I'm not sure! If you know, let me know!

The set contains-

-Dashing Santa bath bomb

This is such a lovely smelling product. If you use a bit of imagination it looks like Santa! I'm not sure it does much for the skin, but it looks fun! I'll definitely have to try this soon.

-Golden wonder bath bomb 

I'm over the moon I got this for Christmas! I've wanted this for so long, I think I'm going to save this for a really bad day to cheer me up! I've seen videos on YouTube of other people using this and I'm very excited to try it! It smells to die for and is definitely high up on my list to buy. 

-Snowman shower jelly

This sweet smelling jelly smells just like berries, perfect and warming for the winter season. It's self preserving so can be stored for a good while, not that'll it'll need to be! It softens the skin leaving it smelling fresh and fruity. Absolutely lovely!

-Yog nog soap

This edible looking soap smells rather spicy. I'm not a huge fan of spicy scented products, like many lush products however, I imagine the scent will develop and mellow once in water. I hope! 
I love how it looks just like fudge!

The next gift set I received was the Festive Friends set 

This cute little set came in the most lovely wrapping paper, it was green with little cartoon pictures of the products in the set! Me being me forgot to take a picture in the excitement of opening so I have nothing to show you, sorry!! 

It includes:

-Christmas hedgehog

Okay I'm going to put it bluntly. I'm not a fan. The smell makes me gag and lingers on your skin for hours after you've used it. I think it's herbal scented with peppermint. It's cute, but I don't rate it.

-Butter bear

I love the scent of this cute little bear! It's super good for the skin and leaves it soft, silky and smelling of cake! What could be better?

-Christmas Penguin bubble bar

This slightly sorry looking penguin is one of my favourites. I got it last year too and it's so cute! 
It leaves your bath smelling of oranges, and all things citrus. I usually get two uses out of this by cutting it down the middle, but you can use it all to give you all those extra bubbles. He's so sweet!

Overall, I think this was a rather productive collection of products. I've definitely found some new favourites! 
What are yours?



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