Tuesday, 21 October 2014

First Proper Big Girls Blog!

Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Afternoon..

I'm saying that because I'm not too sure when this post is going to go out.
I'm in the middle of a rather hectic bedroom move around, I say hectic... If you count a kingsize bed arriving to your house at 7am when your half dressed and have to answer the door to two delivery guys who then promptly want to escort you up the stairs with a cardboard box the size of a wendy house only to find there's then nowhere for it to actually fit, then yes, this is all rather hectic! 
This probably wasn't one of the greatest times to start a blog, with little time on my hands, I barely get my college work done, God knows how I'm going to keep this up! I can but try. 
I've been on tumblr for nearly 3 years now, I don't see it as proper blogging.. More of a baby step into blogging. I think my time on there has run its course and it's now time to grow up and move onto big girls blogging. 

I created this blog with the idea of moulding myself into a more productive and organised person, so here's some things I'd like to get sorted within the next week or so:

-My UCAS form... Here in the uk we apply to university with a little badly organised website called ucas (I'm not too sure what it stands for). My college is the most pushy college in the existence of the planet and has set the deadline for 100% completion of the form and personal statement by the 4th of November and so far I've procrastinated my way through hoping it'll sort itself out. I'm coming to realise that it won't. 

-My bedroom... This, I think, is going to have to be a work in progress. Due to a significant lack of money and Christmas coming up, I don't have the means to create the bedroom I wish for. After splashing the majority of my money on a new bed, I've got next to nothing left. I'm not sure if I like the idea of a work in progress, I rarely ever finish anything so I'd hate for this to become one of the many forgotten projects. However It could also keep me focused on improving my surroundings and be my own little labour of love. I'm really excited!

-Driving... After starting my driving lessons 2 weeks ago, I've suddenly come to realise that driving takes a lot of effort and If I want to pass my test I really need to focus on revising for my theory. So that's what I'm going to do. I've downloaded the official app so hopefully I can inspire myself to do just a bit more revision!

That's it for now I think, I might add more later if anything else springs to mind but those are my main focuses for this week and half term. 

I'm not sure if anybody is going to read this but if you did, thank you. 

Lia xoxo


  1. I'm currently doing my UCAS right now too and it's a lot of pressure! This is a great first proper post, well done!

    1. Tell me about it! Sometimes it doesn't seem worth the hassle!
      Thankyou it means a lot!

  2. Great post! Welcome to the blogosphere! Hope you manage to set up your bedroom ok!