Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Bakes So Far

I'm not starting this post with the intention of finishing it today, but if i do that's a bonus!

Im currently getting ready to go to an awards ceremony for my undercover work that i do with the police but i'm waiting for my curls to set so i thought I'd take some time to show you my previous bakes.

I'll start with my first proper cake!

Cake No. 1
i made this cake at a decorating class i attended back in April. I have made many cakes prior to this, but these are the ones worthy of photography!

A bit shabby, but for my first attempt at piping... I'm pretty proud!
It's a vanilla sponge, covered in fondant then decorations piped with royal icing and to say the least, it was tricky!

I'll rephrase that to "Very very shabby".
Cake No.2

This cake was a complete disaster which shall only be known as "The collapse of the castle". 
I don't know if I'm the only one, but when I bake with somebody else, any skill I ever had flies straight out of the window and becomes little more than a handicap. That's what happened with that cake. I had great intentions for this cake to be the best cake I've ever made... it wasn't. It wasn't even worthy of being called a cake. We used a castle mould and baked for far too short a time. When it emerged from the oven all looked well... the top was springy and a cake tester came out clean... from the centre. After turning it out onto the counter we saw what could only be described as a self formed moat form around the cake due to the corners of the cake still being liquid. I don't know what went wrong, all I can put it down to is that baking should not be done in pairs!. #Antisocialbakersunite. Then to top off the 'cake', and simply to accentuate the natural disaster that had occurred, we covered it in bright yellow icing and made a 'sea' from chocolate butter cream that had been turned a funny shade of Algae with the excesses amounts of food colouring used to try and get rid of the brown. 
I got a photo...
Nobodies perfect... 
Cake No.3

No sooner had my accomplice in disaster cake gone home, I started preparation for my next cake. 5pm, and already downhearted from the previous disaster, I didn't have high hopes for this cake. My boyfriend had been away for 2 weeks so i wanted to welcome him home with a cake. 
I made the batter and set it off to bake. An hour later I had 2 perfectly formed cakes cooling their little socks off waiting for me to assemble what I can only describe as my best creation to date.
9 hours of hard work paid off

    Covering the cake was eventful! After getting the fondant over the top, I discovered a huge tear up the side. 16 Carnations and 4 hours later, the rip is no more. Each flower takes around 10 minutes to perfect. If you're interested in how to make these, and anything else you see, let me know and I may make a tutorial post.
The scale model of my boyfriend.. okay not to scale.. but I am rather impressed with him, was my first attempt at a human figure and I think he turned out pretty well. 

The most pleasing thing i think there is about baking is the joy it brings to other people. Staying up until 3am seems worth it when you see how happy what you've crafted makes somebody else. It's the best therapy. 

Cake No. 4

 I threw this cake together pretty quickly, hence the lack of skill. Disaster cake accomplice was going through a bit a rough time so I thought I'd cheer her up with a cake.
Very very very shabby!
Cake No. 5

Recently I made a cake for my dads friends daughters hen night. She didn't give me much of a briefing. So besides pink, purple and girly, I didn't have much to go off. I managed to put this together in between college and homework.
Is this pink, purple and girly enough??
Cake No. 6

This cake was supposed to be Oreo shaped, however the mould didn't work again... (see a bit of a pattern occurring here?) 
Definitely not an Oreo

I made it just for fun and ended up giving it to my friend for his birthday! The sand is coloured sugar skillfully made by my boyfriend. I don't quite know how it turned from an Oreo to an ocean but im glad it did. 

My first wedding peice!!!

My boyfriends sister got married in June and I was asked to make the Bride and Groom figures for the cake!!  This was nerve wrecking as not only would it be other people seeing my figures, they'd be part of their wedding memories forever and I really did not want to mess this up!
I'm really proud how she turned out. Again i made her with minimal briefing. Having only met her once before (when she was blond) and most of her Facebook picture with her hair blond... I did her hair blond. On the day her hair wasn't blond... Woops. 
Bride, Groom & Son

I'm really pleased with them and how they looked on the cake. Even if the grooms arm fell off in the heat of the car. 

Its now Tuesday morning.. nearly a week after i started this post and i've got a driving lesson to get  ready for!I Hope you've enjoyed this little update on my baking so far! And I hope to keep you updated on my future baking endeavours



The awards evening went so so well! Here are a few pictures 
Chief Superintendents Good Citizen Award

Mayor and Mayoress of Halton 


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